Addis Ababa Entertainment – Fun With Family and Friends

You may currently be in Addis Ababa, maybe you are here for a vacation, business or any other reason. You might be looking for places to spend an enjoyable day with your kids, family or friends; where you could kick back, relax and have fun. If that is the case you are in the right place, read on…

I have organized interesting places in Addis Ababa where anyone can have an entertaining time with the people they know or have met.

These places include cinemas and youth and kid’s recreational places.

Cinema in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Matti Multiplex

The demand for Hollywood film productions by the young people living in Addis Ababa was well alive. With the advent of Matti Multiplex this thirst for foreign films was undoubtedly quenched. Matti Multiplex is the first major cinema showcasing latest movies from across the globe, owned by an Ethiopian entrepreneur.

Movie theatres ("theaters" in US English) like this one could be a good spot to have fun with families and friends in Addis Ababa. You can choose to see from a various selection of films, family-friendly to films for young adults.

For an even greater entertainment you can watch movies that are available in 3D. The movies shown in this cinema are ones that are new releases, so you get to enjoy blockbusters as soon as they are released from the film productions. The majority of the films on display are English and Ethiopian Amharic movies.

This complex consists of three cinema rooms. You can contact the desk via phone to inquire about what films are on display.


Bole Medhanialem Edna Mall Building
Tel: +251 116 616278

Alem Cinema

Alem Cinema is another alternative for viewing movies in Addis Ababa. It is conveniently located along the Bole Road close to Friendship City Center building behind Alem building with ample space for parking. It is situated in a place where you can easily access shops and cafes.

If you have not seen Amharic movies before why not try it. Amharic films have recently gained popularity locally and even to some extent globally. There are numerous Amharic movie productions than ever before and their quality has also improved with time.

Currently Alem Cinema only showcases Amharic movies.


Tel: +251 116 636717

Youth and kids Recreation

What do kids love? Animals (ones that do not bite!), playing games, roaming around and energetically jumping around and having FUN.

There are definitely numerous family-friendly places in Addis Ababa tailored for such purpose of pure entertainment and relaxation.

Hereunder you will find places in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia in which their soul purposes are entertainment, recreation and relaxation.

Lions Zoo Park (Anbesa Gibe) – Zoo in Addis Ababa

Anbesa Gibe is a small sized zoo or park where you can see caged lions. You can have a great time with your kids or friends for a very small fee.

It is located close to Addis Ababa Institute of Technology, Amist Kilo. The park is surrounded by trees and shrubs.

Children and Youth Theatre

Children and Youth Theatre is the ultimate stop for entertaining kids. Your kids will enjoy watching a whole pack of theatrical shows on the stage of the theatre.

You can expect performances from puppet dressed entertainers exercising wonderful plays. There are performances from young musicians and dancers. Let your kids have a laugh, learn and experience the Ethiopian culture.


Tel: +251 111223806

Bob & Bongos

Bob & Bongos is an all round entertainment gateway. It is a Mid-sized recreational center including a variety of arcade games, playstation, X-box, bumper cars and other facilities.

You can throw a special birthday party in this property tailored to your preferences. Bob & Bongos is located around Bole Medhanialem inside Edna Mall building.

Bora Amusement Park

Bora Amusement Park is a recreational palace and could be described as a mini Disneyland. The large spinning wheels are one of the entertainment components of this park.

It rests on a large space with a variety of playful structures and activities. You can enjoy small sized meals and beverages and relax while breathing the fresh air.


Near Bole Dildiy
Tel: +251 116183220

Africa Park

The Africa Park is situated next to the Bete Mengist (President's Palace) in Addis Ababa. The Bete Mengist is a compound where Ethiopian government officials and their family live and is found past Meskel Adebabay, Bole area.

The park's grounds stretches along the straight road leading to an intersection at the end of the road.

The park is bordered with shrubs and trees and includes a variety of playing mechanisms suitable for entertaining kids such as slides, swings and any other tools you could find in children's playground area.

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