Common Amharic (Ethiopian) Words and Phrases

The national and official Ethiopian language is Amharic, but there are other native languages spoken, such as Oromigna, Somali and Tigrigna.

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(This is how you pronounce the letters specified below, when read in the Amharic word translations .)

Read "i" as in "fossil"
Read "e" as in "self"
Read "a" as in "about"
Read "u" as in "bull"

Remark: female, male and plural written in brackets mean the Ethiopian words or phrases are said to female, male and plural, respectively.

The following are lists of English to Amharic translation of common words and phrases that might help in learning to speak, for beginners and tourists who plan to visit Ethiopia.

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English Words Ethiopian Words
Thank you ameseginalehu
Hello selam
Good morning dehna adersh? (female)
  dehna aderk? (male)
  dehna aderachuh? (plural)
Good afternoon dehna walachehu? (plural)
  dehna walsh? (female)
  dehna walk?(male)
Good evening dehna ameshachu? (plural)
  dehna ameshesh? (female)
  dehna amesheh? (male)
Good night dehna amshu (plural)
  dehna amshee (female)
  dehna amesh (male)
Good bye dehna hunu (plural)
  dehna hugnee(female)
  dehna hun (male)
Excuse me/ sorry yikirta
Good tiru
Her isua
Him isu
They inesu
Yes awo
No ay
Lunch misa
Dinner irat
Food migib
Drink meeteta
Water wuha
Beer bira
Coffee buna
Restaurant migib biet
Happy New Year melkam (happy) addis (new) amet (year)
Merry Christmas melkam gena
English Phrases Amharic Phrases
How are you? indét nachu? (plural)
  Indét nesh? (female)
  Indét neh? (male)
I am fine dehna negn
What is your name? man new simish? (female)
  man new simih? (male)
Where are you from? keyet new yemetashiw? (female)
  keyet new yemetahew? (male)
Where is ....? yet new ....?
Let us eat Breakfast! qurs (breakfast) inibla (let us eat)
It tastes good yitafital
How much is the price? sint new wagaw?
Give me more! Tsemireelign (female)
  Tsemirilign (male)
Add one more of ... for me! ... digemeelign (female)
  ... digemilign (male)
Could you repeat what you said? yalshewin tidegmeelign? (female)
  yalkewin tidegmelign? (male)
Go away! zor belu (plural)
  zor bey (female)
  zor bel (male)
I do not understand algebagnim
I understand gebagn
It is hot yakatilal
I am hot mokegn
I am sick amognal
What is the time? Sint seat new?
Could you take a picture of us? Foto litanesan tichilaleh?(male)
  Foto litaneshin tichiyalesh?(female)
Could you take a picture of me? Foto litanesagn tichilaleh?(male)
  Foto litaneshign tichiyalesh?(female)

Shopping Items Related Translations

English Words Ethiopian Words
Artifact Giet
Art work Siel
Pant Suree
Shoe Chama
Sock kalsee
Belt kebeto
Watch Seat

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